Tips for Fooling the Eye and Making a Room Look Bigger

Making a Room Look BiggerDon’t you worry if you don’t have a place to live in which isn’t that roomy. All you need to remember is that each and every object matters a lot while it comes to place it in a small room.

Therefore, arranging your stuff in your room requires a meticulous attention towards some tricks to fool the eye. Things, when managed efficiently, tend to make your room seem spacious.

Following tips can be well-considered to make your tiny room look really capacious.

  • Get rid of the clutter. Your room must be tidy and organized. Discard the things which are just good-for-nothing so that you can open up space. Sort out the useless objects and delimit the number of your accessories to save your room from a cluttered feeling. Use foldaway objects to stow them when not needed. It will help you avoid clutter in your room. Things when not required seem a burden to your small room so better use foldable things so that you may keep them in closets after using them.
  • Arrange your furniture in such a manner that they don’t hinder the view to windows and doors as this obstruction results in poor ventilation and disallows natural light to brighten up your room. Don’t let your room be plagued by darkness or else you will make a small room look even smaller.
  • Go for larger but multifunctional items of furniture so that you may handle much of your stuff in less space. Similarly, even the backrest of a chair in your room may serve for hanging your towel instead of making you pound nails into walls for the same purpose.
  • Avoid using fabrics with busy patterns as they add to congestive look of your room. Color schemes can both set and upset the tone for your room. Try keeping to one color while selecting the wall paints, bed sheets, curtains and carpets or rugs. An awkward combination of different colors in this regard mars the roomy looks of a room. However, as regards the accessories, go for the vibrant ones. They will help diverting the attention from small space and let the viewer focus on the things and not the space where the things are being put.
  • Ceiling and flooring both can leave a big impact in your efforts to make your room look bigger than what it is in fact. Go for light colors for ceiling and flooring as they give a visual effect of unobstructed view.
  • Utilize the back of your doors and the wardrobes. Add hooks and hang your stuff there too. Furthermore, you can even make proper use of the space covered by your bed by placing things under your bed as well.
  • Do not create a messy look by putting up ample of decoration pieces and wall paintings or photo frames. They can be maximum two or three. Try making your room look lighter and brighter in order to let it give an illusion of a bigger one.
  • Using over-sized or large framed mirror on the wall help room look less cramped. Mirrors can do wonders as they enhance the appearance of the size of your room and help to clear out the room visually. Moreover, the thicker the glass of the mirror is, the more light it is going to reflect. As a result, the lighter the room is, the bigger it seems.
  • Make closets and use their shelves, cabinets and shelves for putting your shoes, magazines, paper, clothes etc. Don’t let your random stuff give an impression of insufficient space in your room by exhibiting them here and there. Let the things be out of sight so that your room looks orderly and just don’t try to make a display of all that you have.

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