How to make a Dark room Look Lighter

How to make a Dark room Lighter

Bringing in elements of utter brightness renders your room all the more beautiful.

No matter how magnificently decorated and arranged your room is, it mars its charm if having insufficient light.There are certain ways following which you can add to the beauty as well as the look of your room.





Some useful following tips can be considered to make your dark room look brighter.interior-design-bright-room


  • Go for light yet brighter wall paints as dark colors will not reflect any light and will give an impression of all the more darkness. Select quite light hues. Deep colors make your room look filled with darkness. Select passive and receding colors like light shades of yellow, blue, pink and green. As regards ceiling, chose light colors like white.
  • Don’t use heavy or bulky furniture. Choose light one with light colors.
  • While selecting the room tiles make it sure that they are light and soothing in color rather than dark stone or dark tiles.
  • Make sure that the windows are sparkling clean as it can make a surprising difference. As regards window dressing, make it sure that the curtains do not block out natural light. They should be light and simple. Windows make room appear all the more dark if you treat them with heavy colors curtains. Moreover, don’t overlook accumulated particles of dust over window panes and blinds as they also prove a hindrance to light. Venetian blinds are mostly preferred and suggested to use as they redirect sunlight.
  • Use light-colored rugs for floor.
  • It’s sensible enough to use variety of light fixtures, table lamps, torchieres, compact fluorescent Light Bulbs, candlestick lights, bookcase lighting, under counter lighting, chandeliers in order to avoid a gloomy, foreboding and uninviting look. Also use lamps in the room specifically at such a point where darkness prevail the most. In this way, you can avoid giving a foreboding look to your small room. Moreover, to get subtle lighting in your room you may go for reflective lights as well. Such lights bounce back and their reflection add to the brightness of your room. These borrowed lights serve well when you are having inadequate natural light in the room.
  • Do use mirrors in room to redirect light and to make the light reflect itself. Mirrors should be put opposite windows and other light fixtures so that the light coming inside or being produced can bounce well. This way you can enhance light even when the light is not sufficient.
  • The interior décor of a room leaves a huge impact on the looks of the room. If the room is decorated incorrectly, it’s likely to make the room look all the more cramped. Thus increasing the dark effects. The objects put in the room should promote the flow of light instead of working as obstructions. Wall paintings and hangings, if dark, tend to absorb the light in the room. Therefore, avoid such objects.
  • Do not place things at such a spot that it hinders the way of natural light popping into your room. Let the room brighten itself as much as it can.
  • Try to utilize track lights in the room as they illuminate the room upside down. It gives an impression of sunlight showering inside the room. It helps you to remove the cavelike impression of your small and dark room
  • It’s better to use glass-made decoration pieces in your room instead of decorating it with metal made stuff.


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