How to Keep Your Home and Valuables Safe When You Are Away

home_safetyIt has been reported in “There are over 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States, and 30 % of these happen through an open or unlocked window or door. Nearly 66 % of all burglaries are residential break-ins. Renters are just as likely to be the victims of property crime as homeowners. It is important to note that the highest percentage of burglaries occur during the summer months. Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into. According to the FBI a home burglary happens every 13 seconds and most of these break-ins take place during the day when people are at work.”

Seeing to this prevailing alarming situation worldwide, it is quite necessary to safeguard your home or else you are likely to face a big blow later or sooner. Burglars always keep a watch over targeted homes as to find a suitable opportunity to have their way. Therefore, whether you are away from home for few hours or a couple of days or for even longer duration, they sneak into your home especially if you have rampant burglaries in your area. They never mind as to how much time they have to avail themselves of the opportunity as they are mostly quite experienced and trained and this act of theft is a matter of seconds for them.

Here are some useful and easy tips that can be well followed in this regard:home-security

  • First of all you may set light switched timers in order to give an impression of someone’s presence in the home so that it doesn’t seem vacant.
  • Make it sure that the locks you have at doors and the main gate are not easily smashed.
  • It’s always useful to be on friendly terms with your neighbors. They may help you in many situations and so can in this one. Seek their courtesy and request them to keep a watch over your home when you are away. Let them know clearly what to do and where to report if they feel something suspicious. However, do not forget that the one, who knows you, can exploit you worse than anyone else. So trust only trustworthy beings.
  •  A major mistake committed by many of us is that we literally ‘advertise’ our plans to b away from our home sooner or later. It’s no use telling the whole colony about your departure as it’s in fact equal to giving invitations to burglars. So, be smart enough to stay unpredictable.
  • Another clever trick to save your home from intruders is to install good alarm systems. It helps threatening the burglars too.
  • Your porch, garage and lawns should be lighted up with timers to indicate your presence falsely.
  • Don’t put huge locks and massive pieces of glasses to secure your home as such type of stuff not only gives a hint of your being away from home but that it is an evidence that you are having something quite precious and valuable at your home. Therefore, take such steps as are likely to secure you rather than advertising you.
  • Burglars often ring you up to see if you are present at home or not. So it’s better to either set call diverters or use call forwarding option. You should also keep the volume of phone ringer low enough so that it’s not audible from outside the home.
  • In case you receive postal orders, mails, newspapers etc or any sort of delivery, then defer it as receivables tend to prove that the home is vacant.
  • Don’t place your valuables in the lockers as they themselves aid the burglars by telling them where to break into first. Choose such spots that can’t be easily spotted.

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